Leading Edge Personal Protection - HAWK Protection are leading edge designers and suppliers of personal protective equipment including ballistic resistant body armour, shields and helmets to law enforcement, emergency services and other Government Departments. In addition HAWK Protection provide personal protective equipment for public order control officers including riot helmets, coveralls and gloves

Hawk garments are renowned among Defence Forces worldwide for their consistent quality and reliability.

Hawk work with global leaders in yarn and fabric production and use their own in-house ballistic and stab test facilities to develop solutions which consistently exceed customer's expectations. Our preferred laboratory for independent ballistic testing is Chesapeake Testing.

Mission Statement

HAWK Protection endeavours to provide the next generation personal protective system to all war fighters and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Our dedicated design and manufacturing team aim to serve customer's needs by creating innovative products that meet and exceed their expectation both today and in the future.

We aspire to improve the quality of life for our service men and women through increased agility and combat effectiveness, while ensuring our protective systems integrates comfort, mobility and functionality and ultimately saves lives.